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Beijing Dance Academy

Beijing Dance Academy is the only institution of higher education in dance in China.

School Introduction

Beijing Dance Academy is a full -time institution of higher learning with commitment to cultivating excellent professional dancers, choreographers and dance researchers. Founded in 1954, its predecessor Beijing Dance School was the first professional dance school ever established since the founding of People’s Republic of China. The Academy provides BA and MA degrees and has become the only institution of higher learning for professional dance education in China, as well as the largest prestigious dance academy with comprehensive concentrations in the world.

The Academy, known as "the cradle of dancers", is located just north of Zizhu (Purple Bamboo) Park in the Haidian District of Beijing. Currently, it has about 600 full-time faculty and staff, and 2500 full-time students apart from over 5000 students from the School of Continuing Education. Every year, the School of Dance Grade Examination trains over 50,000 teachers of dance grade examination at home and abroad, and nearly 500,000 students take the examinations at different levels.

The Academy now provides such divisions as the Department of Chinese Classical Dance, the Department of Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance, Ballroom Dance Department, Ballet Department, Musical Department, Creative School (consisting of departments of Choreography, Modern Dance and Art Design), Humanities School (consisting of departments of Dance Studies, Art Communication, and General Education), Education School, BDA Youth Dance Company, School of Continuing Education, School of Dance Grade Examination and Affiliated Secondary School of BDA, involving academic areas of dance performance, dance studies, choreography, dance education, art design, etc. The Academy has been enrolling international students since 1955 and, so far, the students from scores of countries including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Canada and Singapore are studying at the Academy, for postgraduate, undergraduate and secondary education as well as professional trainings.

The Academy has signed cooperation agreements with dozens of universities and professional institutions in countries and regions including the UK, the US, Italy, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Austria, Hong Kong and Taiwan for sustainable inter-institution cooperation involving teacher and student exchanges, joint choreography and performances, and cooperative dual-degree projects.


Dance Studios

The Academy has nearly one hundred dance studios for dance training, the largest number of studios in dance schools across the world.

Stages for Performing Practice

The Academy has been equipped with advanced stage facilities for the teachers and students to carry out performing practices. The venues include: Dance Theater (912 seats), Black Box Theater (200 seats), Concert Hall (120 seats), Creative Performance Laboratory (72 seats), Performing Arts Integration Laboratory (100 seats), Salon Theater (200 seats), Media Art Laboratory, Digital & Audio Center, and so on. Among them, the Dance Theater, due to its professional concepts and advanced technology, has become a high-end stage to showcase new works, rehearse and perform classics and hold dance contests.


With the largest collection of dance materials of highest value, the oldest professional library in China houses over 260,000 volumes of Chinese and foreign books, 1,400 Chinese and foreign periodicals, over 30,000 pieces of audio and video materials as well as more than 30,000 pieces of photos and scattered pages. It has also built up a resource database featuring dance, in which most of dance records have been digitalized for the readers to browse on-line.

National Dance Museum

As the only dance museum in China currently holding over 1,000 pieces of collections, the library is committed to collecting, preserving, exhibiting and studying the endangered dance cultures of the various ethnic groups in China.

Foreign Students Dormitory Building

The Foreign Students Dormitory Building offers standard rooms for accommodation with air conditioner, telephone, TV set, desk, chairs, and private bath room. Hot water is available 24 hours.

The Clinic

There is a clinic with physical therapy devices on campus.

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